Hope, Employment, and Dignity for Women

Over the last year, 120 women graduated from our tailoring schools with life transforming skills that will enable them to provide for their families, start businesses, and lead lives of respect and dignity within their communities. With every school we start, doors are opened and hope is brought to a marginalized people. 

And now, we get to ask for your partnership in an amazing endeavor. We currently support five tailoring schools in four different villages of North India. Our local Indian partners are ready to go with a sixth school to increase our reach to those in need. Every time we open a new tailoring school, we are booked not only for the six-month course, but for the whole year. Already, we have seen huge demand for the project in the village, and the villagers can’t wait to get started and learn skills in a new trade.

There are two ways you can be directly involved in the founding of this new school!

We’re ready to go, but we cannot start until we have $3,000 on hand. This amount covers everything. This covers the purchase of six treadle sewing machines. It covers all cloth, scissors, and tools. It covers the rental of the building where the school will be held, the storage unit, the salary of the teachers and hours of training each day for 30-60 women in the first six months.

We’re excited because we know it is doable! We’ve calculated that if just twenty people reading this email donated $150, we could start this school before Valentine’s Day!

If you would like to join in this project with us, we have something cool for you! For a donation of $150 or more, we have a souvenir elephant sewn by the ladies in India and a plaque describing how our schools have made a difference in their lives.

Join us in starting a tailoring school in India!

We also have a great upcoming event for those who sew in your family. February 19th, we are setting up a sewing workshop for a couple hours in the afternoon. This will be a great time for sewing enthusiasts to gather, meet each other, and spend one afternoon working on a special project. 

You’ll not only have the opportunity to hear more about the tailoring schools, but to actively participate in the first project produced by the women in India. Please reach out to us at GHN@globalhelpsnetwork.org if you would like to join us at the event or know someone who would enjoy sewing.

Let’s start this school!